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  • ALCAD CAD 2D & 3D

  • All 3D HVAC Plugins

  • All 2D HVAC Plugins

  • 3D Architecture

  • BIM & STEP Support

  • Support & Updates

  • Everything ALCAD LT HVAC includes
    and much more...

    *Licence is valid for one year and can be optionally extended. No automatic payments.

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  • All 2D HVAC Plugins

  • More than 1'000 HVAC symbols

  • Fully compatible DWG CAD

  • Import PDF

  • Support & Updates
    and much more...

    *Licence is valid for one year and can be optionally extended. No automatic payments.

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  • No HVAC plugins included

  • Fully compatible DWG CAD

  • Import PDF

  • Similar interface to AutoCAD

  • Support

  • and much more...


*Licence is valid for one year and can be optionally extended. 
Permanent licence is 299€

ALCADs 3D HVAC/Plant Plugins

ALCAD's 3D HVAC/Plant plugins include Piping, Ventilation and Drain-Pipes. The plugins have been designed by engineers so that modelling in 3D is as fast as modelling in 2D. Due to the Info-Line technology, an entire network can be created in 3D with just a few clicks in few minutes. No matter if duct or pipe, with slope without slope, detailed or simplified, the 3D plugins of ALCAD facilitate the modelling in every view. Manufacturers such as Geberit, Siemens, GF Piping Systems, Belimo and many more, everything is available in ALCAD 3D. All created elements can be automatically labelled or exported to lists (BOM). Convince yourself with the demo video or a free trial version. 

ALCADs 3D Architecture

Create your own building, basement, room, house or whatever you want with ALCAD 3D Architecture. With the plugin you can create walls, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, railings, roofs and much more in a very simple way. You can model your own architecture in 3D and then render the architecture in high resolution with materials or colours using the integrated Rendering function or Artisan Rendering software. 

ALCADs 2D HVAC Plugins

ALCAD's 2D HVAC plugins are the result of years of HVAC professional experience. It takes 2D drawing to a new level, because with the 2D plugins every created element has intelligence, such as medium, material, item number, manufacturer and much more. Included are plugins for Floor-Heating, Drain-Pipes, Ventilation, Flex-Pipes, Multi-Pipes, GAS Calculation, Openings and more. Everything created can be exported to the Bill of Materials (BOM) at the touch of a button.
2D drawing has never been easier, all with ALCAD's plugins. 

Technical installations created with ALCAD's 3D HVAC/Plant

Why Use ALCAD Software as CAD Program


AutoCAD DWG compatible

No data conversions, imports or exports. In ALCAD you work with drawings directly in DWG format. They are fully compatible with CAD users from various industries around the world.


All ALCADs plugins 2D/3D(HVAC/Plant) included

All ALCADs plugins are included and can be used. Regardless of whether you are working with ventilation ducts, underfloor heating, sewer pipes, with our plugins, you can solve any challenge.


Permanent License (only available for ALCAD LT 2D CAD)

With the purchase you get a lifetime license for the CAD. You can use the CAD program indefinitely, there are no hidden costs in the price. Future updates are available in the form of one-time upgrades. HVAC 2D & 3D Plugins are yearly licenses.


Familiar user interface as AutoCAD

ALCAD is designed to be as similar to AutoCAD as possible so that the user would not notice the differences between the two programs. The goal is to significantly reduce the time and money that would otherwise be required to retrain when switching to new software.

The Piping-3D plugin generates the 3D pipe network using the intelligent info line technology. Info lines with medium, dimension, insulation, manufacturer, material and height position are created and with one click it is generated accordingly in 3D. 
The info line technology allows changes such as height change, dimension change, move, trim, material adjustments with a few clicks. Benefit from manufacturers such as Geberit, GF Piping System, Siemens, Belimo and many more, directly from our plugin.
Connections like flanges, screw, pressed are automatically detected and created. Generate the bill of materials (BOM), parts list, the labeling all with one click. 

Model 3D pipes with a slope at the same speed as a simple 2D line? The Drain-Pipes 3D plugin makes it possible! First the connections are set downwards and connections upwards, then with an info line the connections are connected sketchily and with one click on the desired height the 3D pipes and fittings are created in the desired gradient. Changes can be made at any time with some clicks and the pipes 3D updated.
45-degree fittings are automatically inserted, eccentric or centric reductions are created and finally the material list (BOM) or parts list can be created at the push of a button. 

Ventilation 3D

The Ventilation 3D plugin, like any other 3D plugin from ALCAD, also has the Info-Line technology. However, this plugin can also create directly 3D created info lines to the desired height with the desired dimensions. The user is free to choose whether to work with individual moldings or with the Info-Line technology. Of course, both workflows can be mixed together to solve any difficult situation. Here, too, material lists (BOM) can be created at the push of a button or the dimensions can be labeled directly. Height changes are automatically created and not possible fitting combinations are automatically adjusted by the plugin. 

Create underfloor heating as easily as never before. First you create the rooms, the heat zone and after that you can automatically generate the floor heating pipes. Of course, the floor heating can be perfectly solved for every situation. No matter how complicated the room geometries are, nothing is impossible with the Floor Heating plug-in. Once the Floor Heating is created, adjustments can be made at any time, such as room area, spacing of the pipes, installation method and much more. All information such as pipe lengths, room areas, room designations, etc. can be exported to an Excel file in order to order the material immediately (BOM). 

Ventilation 2D

Creating ventilation systems is easy with the plugin and saves a lot of time. Enter directly your duct and pipe manufacturer so that the order list can be created and used immediately after the design. Devices such as silencers, exhaust housings, filter elements and much more are also integrated in the plugin. All registered information like manufacturer, medium, dimensions etc. can be directly labeled with the plugin. Once the drawing is created, a material list (BOM) can be created with one click and exported to Excel for ordering. 

No more constructing 2D lines! With the Drain-Pipes plugin, sewer pipes can be designed as a sketch and then generated in three line processes. Enter the DUs (Design Units) of the equipment to automatically calculate the dimensions, or enter it manually. Create device connections yourself and save them in your settings. Everything that has been designed can be exported as a material list (BOM), parts list or labeled directly in the drawing. Changes can be made very easily with user-friendly guidance. 

Flex Pipes 2D

The Flex-Pipes 2D plugin from ALCAD makes it easy for the user to generate flexible pipes. Once the connections are set, the flexible pipes can be generated automatically or manually. Each connection and each flex pipe has the information on which height it is, which medium, which dimension and which manufacturer (Geberit or GF Piping). Thus, a material list can be generated automatically, which can be used directly for ordering. In addition, all information can be labeled in text form. Properties can also be customized with the plugin. 

Multi Pipes 2D

Line by line drawing is over. Multi-Pipes first inserts pipe risers, and then you can automatically tap the media and create an infinite number of pipes together. The plugin was designed and implemented based on the engineers’ years of experience. This guarantees a time saving of up to 60%. Benefit from the wall distance that you can enter in the plugin, the simple move, the changing of the height, and much more. The media can be adjusted as required for line thickness, line type, line color, etc. As in all plugins, the properties can be changed at any time.

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*Only for ALCAD 2022 LT 2D a permanent licence is available. 

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Our Story

ALCAD is a recognized leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and solutions for industries involving AEC, HVAC, Piping, Mechanical and Manufacturing. ALCAD started developing the plugins (ALCADs Plugins) in 2013 for AutoCAD. With the 3D Plugins, all areas can now be covered. For the company, customer satisfaction is the first priority. 


What People Say

As an engineer, we create many sectional views for large projects, especially for ventilation systems. What I really like about ALCAD is the ease of use (very similar to AutoCAD) and the fast, free support.


With ALCAD and the "Ventilation" plug-in, I was able to create and insert the individual ventilation fittings with my own parameters. This made my work a lot easier, as the molded parts can be rotated 3D dimensionally in all directions.

Drawing Created with: ALCAD

Used plugins: Ventilation, Multi-Pipes

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