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ALCAD is a recognized leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and solutions for industries involving HVAC, Plant, AEC, Mechanical and Manufacturing. ALCAD started developing the plugins (ALCADs Plugins) in 2013 for AutoCAD. After five years, in 2018 the time had come and the sale of ALCADs plugins started. ALCAD continued to develop for years and the result is the powerful and DWG-compatible CAD Software “ALCAD”. ALCAD currently employs 15 people, including CAD supporters, salesmanager and half of them programming developers.

The ALCADs plugins were developed based on long MEP engineering experience. The company consists of a group of four people who were formerly HVAC engineers. This composition of the team is reflected in the product – practical, efficient MEP solutions.


North Street, Hornchurch,

Essex RM11 1RS – UK

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