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Drain-Pipes 3D


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3D Drain-Pipes with Info-Line technology and slope

Model 3D pipes with a slope at the same speed as a simple 2D line? The Drain-Pipes 3D plugin makes it possible! First the connections are set downwards and connections upwards, then with an info line the connections are connected sketchily and with one click on the desired height the 3D pipes and fittings are created in the desired gradient. Changes can be made at any time with some clicks and the pipes 3D updated.


Automatic height change (offset)

At each info line, a height change can be entered manually or the height can be calculated automatically based on the connection heights that the user can specify. Height changes can be created on pipes or on branches, all automated. 

Geberit PE and PE Silent

In the Drain-Pipes Plugin, the Geberit pipes PE (polyethylene) or PE-Silent can be selected. The fittings are according to the catalog. If a situation is created that is not possible due to the tight space ratio, the plugin issues an error message. The 3D can be deleted at any time, the heights or slopes adjusted and with one click everything is 3D again. 

From CAD to prefabrication or material order
Create the entire material list (BOM) for the material order or the parts list for each pipe or fitting with dimension, length and more informations for the prefabrication. You can insert the lists directly into the drawing or create an Excel. The labelling can be created per tree (pipe routing) or over the entire drawing.

Labelling for 2D printout
Each created pipe and fitting can be labelled automatically. For example, the dimension, the height, the length, the slope and much more. 

Section creation
As everything has been modelled in 3D, a sectional view can be created at any time with just two clicks to make it easier for the installer to carry out the installation. This section can be dimensioned and then plotted with the top view. 

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