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Piping 3D


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3D Pipes with Info-Line technology
3D modelling at the same speed as 2D? ALCAD makes it possible! The Piping-3D Plugin generates the 3D pipe network using the intelligent Info-Line technique. Info-lines with medium, dimension, insulation, manufacturer, material and height position are created and with one click it is generated accordingly in 3D. 
The info line technique allows changes such as height changes, dimension changes, moving, trimming, material adjustments to be carried out with just a few clicks. 


Suitable for all objects

No matter if you plan plants, flats, offices, sanitary, heating, cooling or industrial objects, with the Piping-3D Plugin you can create any piping. Benefit from manufacturers such as Geberit, GF Piping System, Siemens, Bellimo and many more, directly from our plugin. If you can't find a suitable manufacturer, no problem, just use the neutral manufacturer catalogue from ALCAD for welded/flanged steel pipes, pressed stainless steel pipes or enter your dimensions yourself and the plugin will create the pipes for you with the specified parameters. You can also download 3D files such as DWG, DXF, STEP, IFC, REVIT, import them into ALCAD and insert them into the pipes.

The Piping 3D module allows you to create several pipes at the same time (multi-pipes). This allows you to create entire basement distributions in just a few minutes! As in all other modules, you can work directly with a wall distance. 

3D valve symbols
Are the manufacturer geometries too detailed? Then work with 3D valve symbols, which can be broken into the Info-Line directly from our plug-in. You can define your own parameters for them, such as article number, designation, installation length and much more. 

From CAD to prefabrication or tendering
Create the entire material list (BOM) for the material order or the parts list for each piece of piping for the prefabrication in the workshop with one click. You can insert it directly into the drawing or create an Excel. The labelling can be created per tree (pipe routing) or over the entire drawing.

Labelling for 2D printout
Each created pipeline, pipe sections, valves, symbols etc. can be labelled automatically. For example, the dimension, the medium, the pipe length, the insulation and much more. 

Section creation
As everything has been modelled in 3D, a sectional view can be created at any time with just two clicks to make it easier for the installer to carry out the installation. This section can be dimensioned and then plotted with the top view. 

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