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ALCAD released a new version: ALCAD 2022

Top Features:

  • Speed increase of ALCAD, more than 7x faster than ALCAD 2021!

  • New Plugin: Block Manager Create your own folder as a template and add blocks.

  • Windows 11 Support

  • 3DCONNEXION Support

  • Import .pdf files with many more options.

  • Import point data from .csv and .txt files.

  • Insert tables, edit them, and assign table styles.

  • Import map files of the following formats: ESRI® shapefiles (.shp), Autodesk® .sdf, and Spatial® .sqlite.

  • Open and create sheet sets (.dst files) to help organize and publish collections of layouts from multiple drawings.

  • Insert and work with geographic maps by specifying a .kml/.kmz file, latitude and longitude, or current location. ...and much more!

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